Meg's Visit

While, the last couple of weeks were probably some of the most enjoyable I've had all year. Now, I mean, I've had some good weeks what with my trip to Bolivia & Peru, and my 8 straight days of disc golf, but this was different, Meg was home for a visit.

Get rid of the Penny

Recently, the debate around whether or not to remove the penny from circulation seems to be escalating. Personally, I'm all for removing it. When I went to Australia in 2003, I had a chance to see how their policy works, and I must say, it works well.

Older still...

Man, it seems like I had a birthday only a year ago, and here we arrive at one again. Sheesh. Last year's was a big one I guess, what with the move to a new leading digit and all. Oh, and Meg and I were in Munich at Oktoberfest.

This year is a little different, I'm eagerly awaiting Meg's arrival home for a visit next week and will simply be going out to play my regular Wednesday game of Ultimate tonight and then head with the team for the traditional fall Pho outing. Low key, that's how I like it.

A Week of Disc Golf

Well, I finished up my eighth straight day involving disc golf today, and in fact, I played 9 out of the last ten days.

Rawbanana's Wedding

This past weekend was a chance for myself and many of my friends to celebrate the wedding of the splendid Rob Sample and Anna Soros. Not only were the festivities amazing, but it was a great chance to see friends from out of town who I hadn't seen in a while - Troy and Tanya from New Brunswick and Boris from Vancouver.

Enjoying the Summer

While, I'm long overdue for a post... but really, there hasn't been too much exciting going on. I'm looking at a couple of job opportunities and should at least receive one offer in the next week or so.

I just returned from a couple of days at my parents house, sandwiched around a trip to London for my friend Rick's wedding to his blushing bride Shelley. It was a lot of fun to hang out with those folks again for a night.

Some Unexpected Time Off

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged. But I've got some interesting news now, so here goes. I've ended up with at least a couple of weeks of somewhat unexpected time off work.

You see, I've been a bit unhappy in the sales role I'd been transitioned into at the beginning of the year. It's just not in my nature to do the kind of things that sales requires. Anyway, I stuck it out for six months, but my manager and I both agreed that it was probably time for me to move on. I don't like the job, and he can probably find someone better suited to it.


As some of you may know, Meg, my lovely girlfriend is devoted to development work. She wants to help increase clean water and sanitation capacities for those less fortunate than us in the developed world.

Anyway, I find this stuff interesting and came across this talk given by Hans Rosling from a conference called TED. The talk is about world statistics and how people view them. Rosling uses technology that was recently sold to Google (March 2007) to visually show the changes in the world.


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