Ultimate and Hockey

So I play ultimate, okay... so a season of fall league and a couple of other games might not qualify me to say I play... but I'm trying!

And I watch hockey... I hope to play one day...

Canada's Job Growth

Okay... yet again, simply astounding. But why?

One Forward .... Now a Defenceman?

Leafs + Owen Nolan - Alyn McCauley, Brad Boyes and a 1st Rounder. Hmmm... not bad... but they could still use a defenceman. At least they kept Carlo... I would have preferred to see them deal Jay Harrison and maybe a Matt Stajan or Kyle Wellwood over Boyes though...

Now, if they can just land an Aaron Miller... maybe my pipe dream won't be so bad. Think the Kings would like Tucker? ;)

Okay... So I was wrong...

There is simply no way, no matter how cold it gets here in Ottawa, that the Leafs can win the cup this year. That is, unless they trade Darcy Tucker, Brad Boyes and Carlo Colaiacovo for Owen Nolan and Bryan Marchment... but that ain't gonna happen... at least in my opinion.


Boy... When I moved to Ottawa, I knew it was supposed to be cold here. But honestly, I'm beginning to think that the Leafs might actually win the Stanley Cup this year...

My Brother

So today I went and had new tires put on my car...


Alright... so I've played with the style sheet a bit. But not much, man... sometimes I really hate positioning in CSS. Mostly I don't like it when I'm trying to figure out how someone else has formatted some code.

Regardless, that's all done now - at least for a bit.... I'm sure I'll hack around with it more later.

- Dave

Finally Here

Wow... Finally here!
Got Movable Type installed, got Gallery goin... wow.
Okay... maybe I'm getting a bit too geeky.

See my pictures!


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