Get Your Red Dot On!

Hmm, saw this Red Dot Campaign article via CBC come through my feedreader today, and figure that Meg and I should probably get this going on at home.

Duane Storey = Vancouver Blogger

I just read that Duane Storey, someone I met at Rob and Anna's wedding this summer, is in the midst of a Vancouver Blogger challenge. Someone is determined to work their way up the Google Search Ranks past Duane (and at this point is just above him - d'oh, hope my link love starts to work it's charm).

Leafs Make Changes, But Not the One I Wanted

My beloved Mapleleafs made a change today, excusing their General Manager for the rest of his contract. Really, this should have been done in the summer, but the power struggle at MLSE is ridiculous. The reason why? The folks at the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan like Richard Peddie. They like him because he has steered the franchise to higher valuation, and more revenue with things like new condo projects and fleecing municipalities for city-funded stadiums they can profit from.

2007 Come and Gone...

Well, 2007 is nearly thru, and while it had its highlights, I think 2008 will be a much better year so I'm not upset about the passing of the year.

2007 started off with me wishing Meg a safe and happy journey on her year long trip to South America. She went to volunteer in La Paz, Bolivia for UNICEF for most of the calendar year. I knew at the time that I would miss her, but thankfully, with the rise of the Internet, staying in touch was not that much of a problem.

Whalloped by Winter

Coldest winter in 15 years they said, and then December rolled in. And man, we're talking snow! The snow really started with the first big dump on December 3rd, a Monday. I ended up working from home that day since I prefer not to drive on my allseasons when it's nuts out there. Anyhow, I think I shoveled two or three times that day - for a total of somewhere in the 30 cm range.

Environment Canada Delivers RSS Feeds

Well, a long while after Boris asked for them, Kev told me tonight that Environment Canada delivered today.

What is Bell Thinking? New Deregulated Long Distance

So, I received a flyer in my Bell residential bill the other day advertising Bell's newly deregulated long distance rate changes and plans.

Bell Long Distance Flyer - Text

Ottawa & CFL Football

I used to be an Ottawa Renegades season ticket holder. Well, at least I was in their last two seasons and had put down my deposit for the season they folded. I love football, there are few better sports in my opinion, it's more of a betting/strategy game than any other sport out there in my opinion. It was also the first organized sport I played, and in many ways engendered my love of sports (A love which my mother just doesn't understand ;)


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