Dolphins in the War

So the coalition forces are using dolphins to search out mines in shipping lanes. Pretty crazy if you ask me, but they've been doing it since the 60s. Sure makes you aware that we're not the only sentient things on land. Dogs on land, dolphins in water, birds (well... to die) in mines... what else do we use animals for?

Leafs - Argghh!

Boy oh boy, the Leafs just can't seem to get clear of the injury bug lately.

My Sister

So a while back I raved about my brother. Well, I wanted to make sure my sister gets equal treatment.

Senate Votes To Pay For War With Bush Tax Cut Money

Hmm... I'm proud of the American Senate.
Today they voted to pay for the $100billion invasion of Iraq using proposed tax cu money that Bush had forced through early last year. Doesn't look good for ol'Georgie though... not sure what his electorate will think of that.

I'm just happy Canada posts balanced budgets these days.... now if only we could pay down more debt!

Debt Free in 2003!

While Canada's Disposable Income vs. Debt is dwindling, I'm happy to say that in a relatively short number of weeks I'll be debt free!

Budget Revealed on TV?

What the heck? Okay, to start off with, I consider myself a conservative. But sometimes I'm extremely confused by this provincial governments doings.

Congratulations Dr. Jeff Manthorpe

One of my very best friends today passed his doctoral thesis defence. I now have my first highschool friend who is a doctor. Soon enough I'll have another who will be married, and then not too much longer and I'll have another who will become a doctor. Crazy huh, all three are my best friends from highschool... sometimes one just feels like they are being left behind. :)

Anyways, as I said in my subject, Congrats Jeff! I'm very proud of you!

Dougie Comes Home

Well, at least the Leafs didn't get fleeced today... like the Wings did. Man did they ever give up way too much for Mathieu Schneider.


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