Congrats to Mike Weir

Bringing home Canada's first ever golf major. It's nice to see a green jacket on a Canadian!

Hockey... Far and Away the Best Sport

Got a chance to go see the Ottawa Senators face the New York Islanders last night. It was the second game of their first round playoff series of 2003.

Saddam, Dead or Alive?

Two entries in a day... phew.

So, is Saddam dead or alive? And for that matter, what about bin Laden? When these two characters are actually "killed", will we have an ongoing saga of conspiracy about their deaths? Just like Elvis or Hitler? What do you think?

40 Years In Parliament

hmm.... Jean Chretien is celebrating 40 years in parliamentry service today. It's difficult to believe, but he was elected to Parliament first in 1963... I was -13 then.

50 Places to See Before You Die

A while back, (last November me thinks...) Boris posted a list courtesy of the BBC of 50 places to see before you die.


Okay, so I'm a pretty calm and collected guy for the most part. Not much gets me concerned in a reactionary manner. Anyway, I'm trying to maintain that outlook when it comes to SARS.

Adobe Replicating Mac Software on PC?

Reading a recent article on Adobe bringing out a new DVD authoring package, I'm led to wonder if maybe they look at things Apple does, and then do the same for the PC?

What next?

Hmmm... bored am I ... war ... economic strife ... what's next? I sure hope things in this world improve.


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