Chretien Government Out of Control

Okay, clearly this leadership race coupled with Jean Chretien's lack of control has led this government to being on the brink of self destructing. Today Heritage Minister Sheila Copps criticised Health Minister Anne McCellan for her handling of the federal governments involvement in containing the SARS outbreak.

Bill And Joy...

One of my best friends is going to be married late next month. This weekend I went to Oshawa for his "Jack and Jill" (known in some circles as a Stag and Doe). The party was a good time, while attendance wasn't as high as we'd all hoped, we still managed to raise some money to offset some of the happy couple's honeymoon expenses. :)

Profit... While not Operating.. is still nice

So, I work at Nortel... and today, we announced a 1cent/share proforma profit for the first quarter! That's good, though we did lose 3cents/share on an operating basis (meaning that we got money from sources that we won't see again to make up that 4cent difference).

RIP: Toronto Mapleleafs 2002-03

Well, that's it... out in the first round for a team that added 4 players that I said would only improve them.

My Sister is Back

... and all nicely isolated in a cottage north of Napanee. Her and four other women will spend the week hanging out and ensuring they are SARS free.

Bachelor Party...

So I'm helping to organize my friend's bachelor party in about a months time. I'd appreciate any ideas that any of you might have for the celebration of my first close friend moving on into the world of marriage. Comment away... :)

SARS - My sister, and the world economy

So my sister comes home this weekend, kind of sad to think that her trip to the far-east has been disrupted by what could turn into the first global plague. She'll miss her trip to Thailand, but then again, she gets to see mom again which I'm sure they are both excited about.

Cities Suffering Diminishing Returns?

I'm not certain this is a world wide thing... but examples like Toronto and New York are causing me to wonder if cities are beginning to suffer diminishing returns on investment/spending. Both cities are suffering under huge budget shortfalls. (Toronto, ON) (New York, NY)


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