Ultimate - The first game of the season

Okay, totally felt like I was out of shape again. But, I'm going to attribute some of that to the fact that I burned a lot more energy than I'd planned yesterday biking out from the Toyota dealer to the field. It was only 15k, and I thought I could do it in a half hour or so.


Went out today for a nice rollerblade late in the afternoon.... Took a bunch of pictures. Especially of Tulips. Check them out!

Ducks Thru

Well, 1 goal in four games. You're not going to win a series scoring that alone.
JS was great for the Ducks and has carried them as far as the cup, let's see who they'll meet now. Hopefully Ottawa will be there, but it'll take a big effort on their part tomorrow against the Devils.

Free Concert in TO?

Wow... >>> this <<< would be cool!
Not that I'm really that interested in the Rolling Stones. But I'd love to see the Hip in concert again (what's in been? 12 times thus far? :) and would love to go see the Bare Naked Ladies (I've got a friend who'd die to see them I think ;) I'd also take interest in Diana Krall - I think she's got lots of class - and hey, she married Elvis... ;)
Downsview was where they had the Papal Mass at World Youth day in Toronto last year... (I hope you wouldn't have to make a pilgrimage this time though :D

The Matrix: Reloaded

Okay... I just came back (like minutes ago... ) from seeing the Matrix sequel. I'm surprised that there are mixed reviews for the movie, because I thought it was absolutely amazing. I'm not going to tell you about it, cause I think that's wrong. See it for yourself :) It's at least as good as X-Men 2 and I thought that was amazing in itself. While the effects were great, I thougth the storyline was even better. Maybe I'll discuss it in a few weeks when people have had a chance to see it. Til then...

Ho hum...

Too much rain in Ottawa lately. Grrr...
This seems like a slow week, but I'm looking forward to the long weekend. :)
Think I'll see what I can do to "customize" this site up a bit so it doesn't look so much like the defacto Movable Type....
Oh... and what in the world is up with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks?! Seriously, they'll be 11-2 shortly, only 5 wins away from hoisting the cup. Craziness.

X2: X-men United & Movies vs. TV

Hmm.... maybe more appropriately called Mutants United... but regardless, it was excellent.

It definitely makes you wish that they could churn one of these out every 6 months to a year... I mean, with the cast and story, I'd pay $15 smackers every now and then to see a new "episode".


Had my first Ultimate "practice" this evening... Learned two important things.
One: Need new cleats, big time.
Two: Very out of shape, the early part of the season is going to be tiring... :)

On another note... I think it's time to get out and play a round of disc golf... but since I'm going home this weekend to catch X2 with my family (i'm surprised my mom wants to see it...), it'll have to wait until next week.


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