Is Skype Really P2P?

So I just read this article from The Register How does Skype get through Firewalls and NAT Routers?, and I'm wondering whether a system that uses Supernodes is really P2P.

What my children won't experience/know...

I was thinking a little while back about things my kids won't have any first-hand knowledge of. Here's a bit of a list from my perspective... feel free to offer any ideas up, I know there has to be more.

"Dude from Texas" Experimental Linking

Alright... So as Boris states here, we were out Friday night and met this guy from Texas.... Boris took a picture of he and I and one thing led to another.

Boris stated that he figured this guy could later see the picture if he did a search for "Dude from Texas" on Google in a week or two. We figured we should be able to get it into the top couple of hits, if not the first hit within the timeframe. We'll have to see how it goes. See "More" and comments for ongoing status.

Mac Beats Queens in OT

On saturday I went to the CIS football game between McMaster and Queen's. The Marauders prevailed in a game that went to OT after a 99-yard TD pass by Queen's Tommy Dennison and an ensuing 88-yard kickoff return (on a squib kick none-the-less) by McMaster's Jesse Lumsden.

I try to catch at least one Mac game a year, I find university football quite fun to watch. I mean, it's not the NFL or CFL, but it's still pretty good.

Tony Graham Toyota Pt. 3

Well, I took my car back to Tony Graham, and while they did competent work as always, I was somewhat discouraged by their answers to some of my questions. I think this is definitely the last time I'll go back though.

Tony Graham Toyota Pt. 2

Well, I've done what I said I wouldn't... I'm going back to Tony Graham. I need a routine service done on my car and so I used their web form to book an appointment. Their service manager courteously called me back and booked me in... then he said that they monitored stuff on the Internet and that they weren't ecstatic about what I'd said about them. Well, that's fair, I wasn't very nice about the whole thing, and in my post I mentioned that I would be sending them a letter to voice my displeasure. Well, as per my usual form (I've had thank you cards for my east coast relatives sitting on my table for a month awaiting stamps and mailing) I procrastinated and never sent the letter. crawling back to it's feet

Well, the hoster for this little corner of the internet had a little accident last weekend, and that little accident took poor little down with it. My gallery is still messed up (PHP SafeMode is on again... :( ), but the rest of it is getting back to normal. I'm busy restoring old content (only comments and images have left to be done, by way of the almighty Google. They cache stuff for us... isn't that nice. :)

Skype - P2P VoIP

So the producers of Kazaa unveiled Skype this past weekend. It's a peer-to-peer VoIP system. It will be interesting to see how quickly this takes off. I can imagine that it'll spread quickly what with a huge number of Kazaa users out there who have the Kazaa marketing channel right in front of them.

I haven't used it yet, though I have registered under the username 'smithdm3'. The two things that I find most interesting that they've stated about their product/service. One, is that it's secure - they use AES encryption. Two, is that they claim that you get better quality then through your telephone handset today. Boris will likely be upset that they only support M$ operating systems today, but it's only beta software.


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