Lest We Forget

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who have provided us with the freedom and quality of life we enjoy today. As a member of a family that has loaned members to military service throughout it's time, I am thankful.

Unions Competing

I was just reading this article in The Globe and Mail "Two Unions vie for 8,000 CBC workers".

Unreal, this really bugs me - I saw it happen a few years ago in Belleville when nurses at the hospital were being courted by two different unions.

Fall Photo Catch Up

I plugged my camera in last night with the intention of pulling off pictures from Bryce's rugby game and my friend Brian's bachelor party . Well, much to my surprise I found photos that I'd taken a few weeks back and had forgotten to post.

Daylight Savings Time

Grrr... So we've set back the clock in accordance to the rules of Daylight Savings Time. You know, for the most part I don't mind it, but I must say, it is slightly depressing to come out of work at 5pm and find a dark night surrounding you.

Not only that, but as per usual, any slight change in environment causes Ottawa drivers to slow down to a snails pace. Today, it was the fact that there wasn't a sun in the sky when the majority of people went home from work. Later this year the inevitable first snow fall will nearly stop drivers in their tracks - and this is a city that's proud of its ability to live through the winter.

Isn't Daylight Savings antiquated anyway?

Bachelor Party and Rugby

Well, I spent this past weekend celebrating another friend who is about to get married... Brian Whiten is a friend of mine from highschool and he's about to get married. His bachelor party was Friday night in Toronto, so I was down there for the weekend. It was good to see him, my friends Bill and Rick, and a friend from a long time ago, Shannon Sarginson.


Well, this weekend is Oktoberfest! I'm heading down to Burlington this evening, have a meeting in Hamilton tomorrow at noon, then it's off to K-W for my first Oktoberfest experience. There are a tonne of people going down from Ottawa, alas, I've forgotten my camera. Oh well.

BBCs 50 Top Thing To Do Before You Die

BBC - Holiday - 50 Things

Pretty amazing list of things... at least one of which in the near future won't be do-able...


I was reading this article, Yahoo! News - Yahoo Profit Rises, Increases Guidance, and came across this paragraph.

"For the fourth quarter, Yahoo forecast operating income before depreciation and amortization of $130 million to $150 million and revenue excluding certain costs of $462 million to $502 million. Analysts surveyed by Reuters Research had expected OIBDA of $120.1 million on revenue of $372 million."

Now, I'm stuck trying to figure out what OIBDA is... (It stands for Operating Income Before Depreciation & Amortization) I've read a lot of SEC reports and never seen this term. I like Yahoo! and all, but why have they introduced this new term... arggh... didn't we just get people to realize what a farce EBITDA was? How does this differ?


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