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Meg's Visit

By smithdm3 - Posted on 19 October 2007

While, the last couple of weeks were probably some of the most enjoyable I've had all year. Now, I mean, I've had some good weeks what with my trip to Bolivia & Peru, and my 8 straight days of disc golf, but this was different, Meg was home for a visit.

It was so good to be able to wrap my arms around Meg when she got home. It had been nearly five months since we'd last seen each other in Bolivia. When she arrived home on a Tuesday evening (after having flown into Toronto with her parents late Monday night), I picked her up and we whisked away to a cottage we'd rented for a few days.

The cottage was great, we were there for three nights and had amazing weather for early October, temperatures in the mid to high 20s and mainly sunny skies. We brought Meg's parents canoe and got out in it for at least an hour long paddle each day. We ate BBQ'd food the majority of the time, fulfilling Meg's year long craving for it. We had a visit from Meg's friend Heather who is living in Kingston these days whilst completing her Masters degree at Queen's. Oh, and I asked Meg to marry me (Wednesday October 3rd, 2007), and she said yes.

While it wasn't overly romantic, I proposed to her on the deck overlooking the lake on a beautiful day. I thought she knew that it was coming while she was home, but apparently I'd done a great job making her think that I'd wait until December when she was finally home to pop the question. Anyway, she said of course and that ended the process that had gone on for a few months. I'd originally asked her parents permission in July, and then started the real ring shopping with my mother and sister in tow at Marshman Jewellers in my home town of Belleville. They brought in Canadian diamonds in the cut I was looking at for me to see, and then handcrafted the ring for me.

After the cottage, Meg and I came back home to Ottawa and enjoyed a nice night out with some of our Dr. Teeth Ultimate friends at the Rochester. The next day we had a wonderful wedding (the reason for the timing of Meg's visit) to attend. Shoshanah and Thomas looked great and it was a great time. Sunday Meg and I relaxed a bit, and got some stuff in order for a breakfast she hosted Thanksgiving Monday. We ordered Indian take-out (another craving she had) and enjoyed it and some good beer that evening. Monday morning saw Meg's highschool friends come by for an early breakfast before a planned hike in Gatineau Park to take in the fall colours. Meg and I were the only ones to go for the walk, so we did a quick, easy circuit of Pink Lake and the colours were everything we'd hoped for. After that it was a visit to see one of Meg's university friend's new baby, and then off to Meg's parents for a delicious turkey dinner.

The next couple days of Meg's visit saw me going back to work, and Meg visiting people and getting chores accomplished. Thursday evening we made our way to Belleville to spend the night. Friday we met my (and soon Meg's) new niece who was born the day after we were engaged (Thursday the 4th of October). Catriona is one of the cutest little babies I've ever seen (but then, I'm obviously biased). Friday afternoon we traveled to the Toronto area to visit my friend's Bill and Joy and their daughter Ainsely. Finally we made our way to an airport hotel where we caught a few winks before arising at 3:30am to prepare for Meg's 6:30am departure back to Bolivia.

It was sad to see her go, but at least I know we'll be together for the long haul when she gets back home. :)

After dropping Meg off I went to Brampton to play a couple rounds of a disc golf course there in White Spruce Park. It was fun, but I do rather enjoy playing with someone else instead of being alone. After biding my time I then moved on to Kitchener-Waterloo to meet up with Rob, Matt, Alix, Steve, Jody, Andy and Irene-Anne for the yearly trip to Oktoberfest. Always a good time.

Now, all I have to do is wait a couple of more months and Meg will be home and wedding plans will be in full swing. :)


Congratulations to the two of your Dave. I couldn't be happier for you kids. :)

Nice work Dave.

Congrats, that is great news!

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