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Leafs Make Changes, But Not the One I Wanted

By smithdm3 - Posted on 22 January 2008

My beloved Mapleleafs made a change today, excusing their General Manager for the rest of his contract. Really, this should have been done in the summer, but the power struggle at MLSE is ridiculous. The reason why? The folks at the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan like Richard Peddie. They like him because he has steered the franchise to higher valuation, and more revenue with things like new condo projects and fleecing municipalities for city-funded stadiums they can profit from.

What Peddie hasn't done is lead an organization that did well in it's core competency - sports. Peddie has meddled in the operation of both the Leafs and the Raptors and allowed the board to do similar. Hopefully that's coming to an end with the eventual appointment of a new President/GM for the hockey side (the Raptors already having one in Brian Colangelo).

But really, Peddie should be let go for the very reason that he's allowed both properties to wallow in mediocrity or below it by hiring less than stellar staff. That's his fault, not theirs.


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