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Household Chores

By smithdm3 - Posted on 15 April 2009

Man, painting sucks. Meg and I spent our four day Easter weekend putting a "refresher" coat of paint on the rooms in our house. It is of course a tragic use of four days off in the row, but it will help our social lives this summer.

The house looks great and we were able to get I'd say 90% of it done, the only things remaining are to paint the remaining wood trim (doors, baseboards, windows) we didn't do, along with doors and finally the two-storey high upstairs hallway. Not sure yet how we'll cover off the last one, will probably look at renting scaffolding this weekend to cover it off.

There's probably all told less than 8 hours work left to do. We hadn't planned on painting the ceilings, and still don't for the moment, though they will have to be done sometime in the next couple of years.

Remaining on our things to do list for getting the house into shape for the remainder of the year include:

  • Cleaning out the garage and organizing it better
  • Rehabbing the yards after the winter (reseeding the back yard, refreshing the front garden and planting)
  • Moving patio furniture back out onto the deck
  • Cleaning windows and screens
  • ... and hopefully getting around to clearing some stuff (surplused after wedding gifts, etc.) out of the basement

The joys of home ownership never seem to end. :)


I must say, I am impressed with your to do list. My skills must be rubbing off!!

Dave & Meg, while I totally agree it is a severely tragic use of Easter Weekend, what needs to be done, got done (mostly) and if nothing I hope you guys spent some fun time together (Jenn and I are weird in that we sort of kind of enjoy painting rooms together. Though if you add my Dad to that mix and we are a 3 person lean mean painting machine).

Don't let all this get you down. At least you didn't buy your house and then have a flooded basement 3 weeks later.

I'd help if I was local. Or loco. Either way.

I'm glad you got the bulk of your painting done (though disappointed that it's all the same colour!! COME ON!). Next time, we'll offer up our services :) We really are a lean mean painting machine. We've had plenty of experience, and more to come! Are you going to have a yard sale?

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