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Government of Canada ePass

By smithdm3 - Posted on 24 April 2006

You know, as much as people say governments are slow, I was pretty impressed with our federal government's ePass system.
I noticed it when I filed my taxes a week or so ago. Something said that if I registered for an ePass I could track the status of my tax return. So, I registered... anyway, it turned out that they had to send me a code in the mail to let me access it so I couldn't check anything right away.
Then, in tidying up my house I found a couple of tax receipts for donations I'd made that I didn't include in my filing. Anyway, the next day I received my code and logged in and noticed that I could make a correction to my tax filing if I wanted. Craziness! I mean, to sort this out in the past would probably have been a nightmare (to the point where it wouldn't have made any sense - mind you, I'd never tried to alter a filed tax return). Anyway, I decided I'd check and see what difference the charitable tax receipts made to my return, and lo and behold it was over $20 so I decided to give this advanced e-stuff a try ;)
I've made the changes, and in fact, did it after my 'assessment' was complete so now it's being reassessed. So, I can't tell you how well it all worked out, but I'm fairly impressed with it so far.
In fact, I notice that I can fill out portions of my passport application online too... I wonder what other neat services are there too.

Where do you apply for one of these 'ePasses'? Sounds like it may come in handy in the future.


P.S. I'm finding your site really slow tonight...

Here's a link about the program Kev:
and a link to register at:


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