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An Evening at the Blacksheep

By smithdm3 - Posted on 14 February 2009

Continuing on the theme of enjoying the winter a little more, last weekend Meg, some of her friends and I ventured out for the evening to the Blacksheep Inn (worst website ever). The Blacksheep is located in Wakefield, QC, a little less than a half hour drive north of Ottawa. They consistently bring in great performers, and are currently in a contest on the CBC Radio 3 site for the best live music club in Canada. They also host a stage at Ottawa's Bluesfest with some great acts every year.

Meg and I had discussed going to the Blacksheep a few times, but had never had a chance to get there yet. So, Thursday on our ride into work we decided it would be a good idea for the upcoming Saturday. Meg invited some of her friends along and we all carpooled out, arriving at 7:30pm in order to get a table. While it wasn't empty when we got there, there were still plenty of tables. We ordered some nachos and a round of beer - Meg and I went with the Mouton Noir.

It turned out that they were holding the inaugural Wakefield edition of the "In the Dead of Winter" festival, a festival that has been ongoing for a few years in Halifax. As a result we were treated to a decent 'song circle' before the opening band and the feature. We were all pretty impressed by Peter Katz who was way better than the opening act. I particularly dug his song "I Do".

The 'opening act' was Ron Leary who's voice I really didn't appreciate and who's music I could have done without. Just not my cup of tea I guess.

The main feature though was NQ Arbuckle, a band out of Toronto that put on a great show. The crowd had swelled by this point and it was pretty packed. They played some great tunes including a song called 'X O K' and had the crowd dancing near the end. The crowd called for an encore when they finished, but slightly tired we decided to take our leave and head back to Ottawa.

I look forward to more trips to Wakefield and think it'd be fun to get there in the summer. Live music is something I really enjoy (though I should think about getting some earplugs as my ears are always ringing at the end of the night), and Meg and I are trying to take in more. We went a few weeks back to catch a band with our friends Matt & Al at the Elmdale Tavern just around the corner from our house and they were pretty good too. The Elmdale even has Beau's Lug Tread on tap!

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