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Environment Canada Delivers RSS Feeds

By smithdm3 - Posted on 13 December 2007

Well, a long while after Boris asked for them, Kev told me tonight that Environment Canada delivered today.

Environment Canada is now serving up RSS feeds for your local market. And these feeds are pretty detailed, giving you weather warnings, hourly weather information and 5 day forecasts. I just subscribed tonight, so I can't give a detailed review. But the feed immediately gave me an item saying that there were no weather watches or warnings, the current conditions (for 3pm this afternoon - -12.4C in Ottawa ... brrr) and the forecast for each day up until Sunday. I'm curious as to whether it's working correctly as I would have thought it would include hourly information in separate items, but maybe it just hasn't really got going yet.

It's pretty cool to see that RSS is taking off in the mainstream with EC being the latest (I'm also subscribed to CBC, BBC and Globe & Mail feeds to go along with numerous blogs and info sources).

Update: Oops, looks like they change the data in the item for the current conditions, it indicates that the current conditions are from 10pm, rather than the 3pm posting time. Now I'm curious as to what it will do when the day changes and they push out the 5 day forecast to another day.

You are correct when you say that they are simply updating each post. This is kind of a problem, at least for me because I'm using Google Reader for my RSS aggregator and it doesn't seem to show updated posts - especially since I've got it set to show only new items. Argh!

Any ideas?

I guess we should contact them and tell them we want new items hourly, when required for weather updates and daily for updated forecasts.... would that make sense?

Can you alter your new RSS feeds to produce new items instead of updating old ones? Google Reader, my choice of feed reader, is probably like a lot of others in that it doesn't notify a user that an item has been updated, only pointing out new items to users. So, the new RSS feeds from EC's weather office don't really serve the purpose I think you set out to accomplish with them. Maybe new items for hourly conditions, new items whenever there is a change in the weather watch or warning and new items on a daily basis for new 5 day forecasts?

Anyway, just my simple request to make the syndication really easier to use :)

Thanks for including them though, it's a great step forward!

Dave Smith

Well, it looks like EC has decided to put new items in the feed instead of updating old ones now!

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