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Enjoying Winter a Little More

By smithdm3 - Posted on 12 February 2009

Wow, it's nearly the middle of February already, the year is an eighth over. Winter has been passing by a little faster since Christmas as I've taken up a new activity. Well, I suppose I've done it before, back when I was in high school I think, and I did it a couple of times in 2006 with rentals.

Oh, 'What is it?' you're asking? Well, it's cross country skiing. Meg gave me a set of cross country skis for Christmas this year and we've been going out regularly for a couple of hours most weekends. We've spent most of the time in Gatineau Park, but have stayed on the parkway each time. This past weekend we went out east of Ottawa to Mer Bleue in the green belt. The trails there aren't as long, and not mechanically maintained like the ones in Gatineau, but it was a nice change. It was my first chance this year to ski in the woods where we were mostly protected from the wind.

We were out one time in Gatineau a few weeks back and I came to the realization that I needed some long johns. You see, I had been skiing so far this year with just my stretchy running pants on and that day it was cold and windy. It was so windy that I put my little fleece triangle (which I usually use to warm my crotch) around my neck/face as scarf. That was a bad idea, while my lower body stayed warm on the way into the park, that was with the wind and uphill. The way back caused my 'junk' to nearly freeze and I was seriously afraid that it might be permanently wrecked when I finally got back into the car. Luckily, despite all my fear everything was fine and fully functional afterward.

I've also been running twice a week (or at least trying to) Tuesdays and Thursdays with Kev. I did miss a run this week due to workload and I missed one a few weeks back because if you can believe it, I forgot my pants.

So, that coupled with ultimate and the odd skate on the canal has been my exercise for the last little bit. All of it is helping me enjoy winter a little more.


Dave, this story is hilarious, even the second time 'round! Hope you finally got a pair of long johns so your "junk" doesn't freeze the next time you and Megs go cross-country skiing :)

We went out and got them the next weekend and they work like a charm! I figure the 'TMI' was kind of mild here, and indeed, hilarious.

I can't believe you still haven't gotten windbreaker pants! Do yourself a favour and head to MEC and pick up a pair of Rad pants. Those, coupled with your new long johns, will ensure that you never get 'frozen junk' again. :)

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