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The Earliest Easter You'll Ever See

By smithdm3 - Posted on 24 March 2008

So, this past weekend is the earliest Easter anyone alive when I write this will likely ever see. And in fact, unless you're over the age of 94, you haven't seen anything earlier in the past. I think "Computus", the method of computing what date Easter occurs on is quite interesting. Easter occurs on the first Sunday following the first full moon to occur after March 21st (normally the vernal equniox).

The 23rd is the second earliest possible date of course (with the 22nd being the earliest) and last occurred in 1913, and won't occur again until 2228. The next time it will fall on the 22nd is apparently in 2285, having not come on the earliest date since 1818. I of course learned all this from the church bulletin yesterday.

Wikipedia also tells me that: 19 April is the date on which Easter falls most frequently in the Gregorian calendar: in about 3.87% of the years. 22 March is the least frequent, with 0.48%.

This weekend was a nice chance for Meghan and I to unwind a bit. We had spent the previous weekend hosting guests for Meghan's brother's wedding, and then the week seemed to zip right by. Thursday we went out to the Chateau Laurier for a couple of drinks to listen to some live piano (it was supposed to be jazz, but wasn't all that jazzy - but still good) with some of Meg's friends. After that had a brief visit (one beer's worth) at the Bytowne where Rob, Andy and Matt were catching a Sudbury band's show.

Friday we went with Meg's friends out to Fulton's Pancake House and Sugar Bush where we had some great pancakes and a chance to walk around and inspect the operation. It was my first time to a sugar bush and it was a nice relaxing way to spend the early part of Friday afternoon. After that Meg and I rented a movie and hung out, and apparently I was so relaxed that I completely forgot it was Friday and that I had an Ultimate game. Oh well... Saturday morning I sent an apology email to the team.

Saturday saw us go out for brunch, and then to do some shopping to prepare for Meg's upcoming Bangladesh trip for work. We then made some homemade pizza for dinner, before going to watch the Leafs beat the Sens at a local pub with some friends.

Sunday was the Easter church service, and then some chores and a brief walk in the still-frozen neighbourhood before going over to Meg's parents for a great lamb dinner. And today, Monday, Meg is at home enjoying another holiday day from work while celebrating her 29th birthday. Only a year to go til the big 3-0!


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