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Donating Blood

By smithdm3 - Posted on 18 January 2009

I donated blood on Friday, the 31st time I've done so. That means that the next time I go (my next appointment is sometime in April) I'll actually equal my age, something kind of neat.

I made my first blood donation when I was 17, I went with my mom and a friend of her's to the clinic. Really, it was the only thing that was special about turning 17 in Ontario - kind of a down year between 16:driving and 18:adult/voting(plus being able to sign your own notes at school). I went a few times whilst in highschool and then maybe once in University. I'm not sure when I first started to donate again maybe in 2003 when I started working at the Nortel Carling campus. There is a mobile clinic that comes to work every two to three months so I donate four or five times a year.

I don't mind the donation, I mean, I get my blood pressure taken by a nurse, my iron checked and they screen my blood for anything bad so there are things in it for me. :) I donate rather quickly I guess, typically filling the bag in approximately 6 minutes. In fact, I joked on Friday that I probably spend more time waiting afterward then actually donating.

I feel that since I can donate, and it doesn't scare me or make me squeamish or anything that its just something I should do. Oh, and I like the free cookies I get afterward. :)


I used to donate regularily too Dave, until I got my pilot's license. 'They' (can't remember who they are) told me that it wasn't a good idea to donate blood if you are flying so I stopped. Considering I haven't flown since Liam was born, I suppose I should get back on the donation wagon. If I don't notice it myself, let me know when the next clinic is.

I'm also a regular blood doner. I think I'm somewhere over sixty now. I started in university and never really let up. They used to have the "toonie movie" nights at the U so we'd all go give blood then go to the Social Club for brew and finish the night with a film. An evening of good fun for under $5.

I probably give 4-5 times per year now. I've got the o-neg so feel that so long as I can I should and really it's only two hours every two months anyway.

I guess my grandfather had o-neg and happened to live next to the hospital. My father remembers the hospital calling in the middle of the night for my grandfather to go over and give up a pint! You'd never get away with that these days.

I'm also a fan of the cookies. But better than NB (never saw it in ON, or Brockville at least) they gear the post donation refreshment around the season so that you get strawberry shortcake at one point in the summer and banana splits at another, for example. Of course there's always cookies for dessert.

I've tried several times to donate, but have been rejected each time. The last time was just before Mexico, and I was quite upset. I'd been working hard to keep my iron levels up so that I'd have success before Mexico, but alas, no luck. They felt if I donated, I'd likely need a blood transfusion, so I may as well keep my own blood! :)

Maybe next time...

... nothing like a good bleeding!

Nice work, Dave. I'm up around 50 and would be higher except I couldn't donate when I was in Switzerland. The part that really annoys me is that some of my donations were in Quebec and Hema-Quebec and CBS don't talk to each other so I don't get credit for my 20-some donations in Montreal.

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