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Copacabana, Puno and Cusco

By smithdm3 - Posted on 28 April 2007

Well, CopacabanaCopacabana was a nice little lakeside town on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the world´s highest navigable lake. We actually had a guided tour of this section of our trip, which was a bit of a treat. We arrived and ate lunch, and then took a boat out to visit Isla del Sol where we did a steep climb up the island, and then a short 30min. walk (rather than the normal 3 hour tour). This island housed some of the first Inca people´s before they relocated to the Cusco area. We made our way back to the village and went for a bit of stroll around the market before leaving our guide and going for dinner at a touristy place - after having lots of Bolivian food Meg had spaghetti with pesto and I had pizza.

The next day we hiked up a hill over looking the city upon a trail that starts at a church and has the fourteen stations of the cross. It was pretty difficult going as it was steep and we were at 3800m above sea level to start with. The view and the experience were quite rewarding, if a little tiring. We then went back down the trail and visited the cathedral of Copacabana which is an interesting Moorish style architecture.

We strolled away the rest of the morning before boarding a 4 hour bus to Puno. We spent one night in Puno and other than the Llama and Alpaca we had for dinner it wasn´t that exciting. Unfortunately we had to leave early in the morning and so missed out on travelling to any of the islands in the area. Another time I guess.

Turns out that we couldn´t get a seat on the tourist bus from Puno to Cusco as it was all full, so we ended up spending the 7 hour (darn South Americans and their lateness) bus ride with some Andean folks and their children... not the best of rides, but all part of the experience of course. :)

Plaza de Armes in CuscoWe arrived in Cusco late last night and made our way downtown to have some dinner - a mixed grill for one that we split and still had a tough time finishing. We walked around the Plaza des Armas for a bit before heading back for an early night.

This morning we awoke early and made our way to the ruins at Sacsayhuaman (we´re staying in a B&B a few km from there), talk about impressive. The stonework and architecture of the Inca´s is unreal. Sacsayhuaman ruins outside of CuzcoIt bodes well for our visit to Machu Pichu on Wednesday. We´ve spent the remainder of today visiting various sites throughout the city, a couple of museums, the cathedral (it feels like every city we go to has one) and such. We´ve got a meeting for our Inca Trail hike in ten minutes, so I better sign off. More when we return from the trip.

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