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Biking in the County and Battling a Fall Flu

By smithdm3 - Posted on 08 February 2010

Not long after I started my MBA, Meg and I traveled down to Ajax and Belleville for the weekend. We left on a Thursday and spent the night in Belleville before I hit the dentist (yes, I still visit a dentist in Belleville) early Friday morning. We both spent the morning working and then we made our way to Ajax to attend our friend Adam's Friday evening wedding ceremony. The wedding was fun and gave Meg a chance to catch up with a bunch of her friend's from her time doing her Masters degree. We enjoyed our evening there and then hit the hay in a hotel for the evening.

We had planned on getting up pretty early Saturday morning in order to arrive in Belleville around 11 or so. Unfortunately, Meg wasn't feeling quite up to snuff and so we were a bit late getting going. The reason we had wanted to hit Belleville so early was that we had brought our bikes down with us in order to spend some time biking through Prince Edward County and taking in some of their fall studio tour. With Meg not feeling so hot, we decided to just spend the day hanging out with my parents and do our cycling on Sunday.

Sunday we arose and drove into Bloomfield where we could leave the car. From there we rode east to Picton and took in some of the various studios along the way. We had some lunch at the Buddha Dog which has neat homemade small hotdogs on toasted buns with some cool toppings (we'd been before and will go again). After lunch we began our trip on some back roads to Wellington to take in some more studios before cycling back on 33 to Bloomfield. In Bloomfield we had some Slickers ice cream (again, been before and will go again) and had a chance to relax a bit before hopping back into the car, stopping in for a quick visit at my brother's outside Picton and then jumping the Glenora ferry back to the 'mainland' and heading back to Ottawa.

The one problem with our mini bike tour is that I had begun to feel some chills and a my body became a bit achey. Sure enough, a few days later I was pretty much out of commission. Unfortunately, I had school to worry about and I didn't want to call in sick to a group presentation I had to do, so I (stupidly) went about getting that done and then returned home on a Thursday morning to pass out. I slept away two and a half days for the most part before being able to really move around on Sunday.

It was the flu for sure, and I'm pretty sure it was of the Swine variety. I'm happy to say that I don't get sick very often (well, at least not now, if Kev's experience with having children is any indication, I'll get sick a lot when I've got kids), but man, this flu beat me down. Luckily I survived with a little bit of Advil to keep my fever at bay. But man, I wouldn't wish that sickness on anyone.

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