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Arriving in La Paz

By smithdm3 - Posted on 22 April 2007

Well, I had a fairly uneventful set of flights down to La Paz - thankfully. My flight from La Guardia to Miami was a bit delayed, but I still had over an hour when I deplaned before I had to take off for Miami. Just enough time to buy another book since I'd finished the one I was reading on the way down - at least I have something to read on the way back :)

I flew overnight to La Paz, and it was a pleasure to arrive. Upon landing and arriving at the gate I certainly noticed a difference in the air. It certainly felt like it was more difficult to breathe. I made my way through immigration, got the red light at customs and was subject to a very cursory examination of one of my bags. Leaving the baggage area there was my beautiful girlfriend waiting for me. Definitely a sight for sore eyes :D

Meg had arose at 5am in order to get to the airport to meet me. She had a cab waiting for us and we began the trek down the mountain to her house. El Alto, where the airport is, is just over 4000 metres above sea level. Zona Sur (the plush South Zone), where Meghan resides is about 3300 metres above sea level so the trip was certainly down the mountain. With almost a kilometre of difference in height El Alto's temperatures are around 10 degrees celcius cooler than the Zona Sur which of course makes Zona Sur the place to live.

We had a brief breakfast with Meghan's 'boss' and husband who she lives with before heading off for a brief nap. We awoke and had lunch and then set off into the city. We took a bus tour around the city on what amounts to a small double decker bus. It was interesting, La Paz is a giant city of 1.5 million people living in valleys and on the sides of the mountains. The tour took us all over the city past monuments and old churches, to a look out over the majority of the city and to the Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) which is left over sedimentary rock that has eroded with wind and water since the time when it was part of Lake Titicaca and the Pacific Ocean.

After our bus tour we had dinner with Susana and Mike before going back up to the city centre to see a Pena, a native Andean music performance at a bar. It was neat, with pan flutes, drums, long wooden flutes and native Andean dress. The tab for our taxi both ways, 'cover' and two litres of beer was about $10 Canadian. Crazy...

More later and photos to come.

After being apart for 3 months, I think you should have put quotes around "brief nap" ;) ;)

Brief indeed!


Hey Dave,

I didn't get a chance to call before you left, but I hope you and Meghan have a great time while you visit! Take tons of photos!


Enough Said. ;)

Glad you arrived safely. Enjoy your time there.

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