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Life Continues To Screw With Me

By smithdm3 - Posted on 25 June 2003

Okay, so I had a few problems with my Blog... A table in the Movable Type database that powers all this stuff was corrupted, and so I was delayed in posting a bit. And somehow SAFEMODE has been enabled on the PHP instance on this server so I my gallery isn't running correctly today. Which is too bad... cause i have a bunch of pictures to post. Oh well... So the outcome of my Tony Graham story. They fixed the belt but I have yet to get around to writing them the angry letter. I have to do that soon, I go on holidays for a couple of weeks on Friday so maybe I'll find time to do it then.

But then I've got another tale of me the consumer getting screwed. This time by my bank... and if they don't hurry their ass up they very likely won't be my bank anymore. So I lose my convenience card for my CIBC account you see... and then I go get another. I check the balance on my accounts and everything is copasetic. But then I go out and play golf with people from work, when I get home later that evening I call to set up the new convenience card for online banking. For the second time in the same day (they did it at the branch when I was getting my card) the lady tries to pitch me overdraft protection. I tell her I don't really need it because I keep $1000 in my chequing account anyway so that I don't get charged fees. "Oh, but you don't have $1000 in there now..." she says.
I lose it! What do you mean I say? I had over that when I left the bank today and didn't have anymore transactions to go thru. Apparently someone made two teller transactions on my account at the same freakin' branch I got my new card at... after I got my new card!! So they start an investigation, that was last Thursday... I call the branch yesterday... the telephone banking people have yet to contact them. They call me back today and say that the telephone banking people are investigating but that it will likely be until late next week or the week after before they sort it all out. WTF! Man... if they don't figure it out soon I'll be outta here... and if they don't give me my freakin' money back I'm outta here for sure!

Okay... Gallery is working again.. I'll put up pictures soon. :)

Dude. We fixed the safemode thing. Everything is working on the tech side of things. Now stop with the excuses and write something cool!

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