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By smithdm3 - Posted on 06 June 2003

This has been a pretty busy week for me. First I had to have car repairs done on my car early Monday morning, then drove back to Ottawa. I then worked a little later than normal to make up for the fact that I was a little over an hour late. Tuesday saw me ump a softball game, then play ultimate. Wednesday I played softball, and then last night I did some work upon getting home. I've gone to bed a lot earlier than normal this week (11pm rather than 1am) but still haven't been able to get up any earlier. Drat.
Ultimate tonight looks promising though, my cousin Connor's birthday party tomorrow afternoon and then, maybe a Lynx game on Sunday. We'll see...

Whats that saying about the Devil and idle hands? AWAY SATAN!

Anyway I'm off to San Fran this weekend, should be a fun week next week, thinking about going to see the Matrix at the IMAX that you pointed out Dave.


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