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Fishing Quotas

By smithdm3 - Posted on 26 May 2003

{Political Rant}
Okay, fishing quotas. First off, why is it that there are people from Japan fishing the waters off of Newfoundland? I mean, are there not enough waters to fish around Japan? It's a freakin' island! Second, I can't believe that we let people from so many other nations come in and fish the waters of the continental shelf off of the east coast. The Grand Banks is one of the best fishing areas in the world due to the fact that the water is so shallow so far out. But the problem we've got is that the switch from national waters to international waters occurs before the shelf drops off, and therefor these resources are avalable to everyone to fish. And fish away they do. The spanish fleets were overfishing Turbot (Halibut) in the mid-nineties and had to be turned away by Canadian patrols. Undoubtedly this has continued to this day (probably more nations than the Spanish have been guilty, including Canada). Now the Cod fishery has been closed within Canada again, and the easterners are up in arms, quite understandably. But what are we to do? Paul Martin says it's time to start enforcing regulations even in the Nose and Tail portions of the Grand Banks that lie outside Canada's territorial limits. I think I agree with him. NAFO (the North Atlantic Fisheries Organization) has been around a few decades and done what at least on the surface appears to be nothing. It's time Canada took a stand and protected a valuable resource to not only Canada, but the entire world.
{/Political Rant}

The Japanese are fishing in Newfoundland because a) we let them and there are no int'l rules to stop them and b) they already caught all the other fish elsewhere.

Yes, very scary. A friend of mine in BC is a vegetarian, and just recently gave up fish. He is one of the only people I know who is/became vegetarian on mainly ethical and moral grounds.

This article was the one that said that all our fish are gone, as originally published in Nature. Acck!

P.S. I don't think you have to mark stuff as a rant. That is, it's your website, so everything could be defined as you ranting :p

Boris - I don't have markup enabled, but do have "auto URL linking" engaged... so next time just throw in the URL in brackets...

It's more fun to rant ;-)

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