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X2: X-men United & Movies vs. TV

By smithdm3 - Posted on 12 May 2003

Hmm.... maybe more appropriately called Mutants United... but regardless, it was excellent.

It definitely makes you wish that they could churn one of these out every 6 months to a year... I mean, with the cast and story, I'd pay $15 smackers every now and then to see a new "episode". Movies just do a better job of having a continuous story. I mean, a significant portion of myself hates half hour shows. I mean, really, it's only about 22 minutes of programming anyway. Why bother?

Hour long shows are what I tend to watch - the likely candidates that catch my attention these days are ER, CSI and occasionally Enterprise. I like reality TV too... regardless of what others say. I think it's more fun to watch 16 people battle it out for a million bucks on survivor, or 24 people travel the world on the Amazing Race than to watch Phoebe do something stupid and Ross make himself look like a retard over and over again.

In fact, I find that the "interpersonal" aspects of these reality shows are the most interesting part. I know it's all edited to create drama, but still, that's better than Matthew Perry cracking some joke that is "so hilarious". Besides, these real people are competing for the same money that each of the Courtney Cox-types make for one 22-minute episode.


Anyway, movies are just better... 90-120 minutes of uninterupted entertainment - the way it should be. I should get back to the first portion of my title, X2.

It was well done, I don't consider myself a comic fan-boy or anything, but I've read comics in the past and really enjoy comic movies (I'm waiting for an Ironman movie... my personal fave from when I was a comic-reading child). This movie was very true to the "essence" of the X-Men story. Revealing some treats that only those " in the know " would understand, and still able to produce a movie that my mother enjoyed. It was quite action-packed, and still had a solid story line. I look forward to X^3... or whatever they'll call it. :)

And now, on to see The Matrix: Reloaded... I've really been looking forward to it. :D

well if you liked x2 then just wait for punisher and hellboy plus of course spiderman 2 and x3 and ive heard rumour of a newer version of captain america heres hoping its better that the other one they did and as for you neo28 you lick balls

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