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Canada's Job Growth

By smithdm3 - Posted on 07 March 2003

Okay... yet again, simply astounding. But why? Canada added another 55 thousand jobs in February, while the US lost over 300 thousand. Hmm... think of what things could be like if the US didn't impose such crazy duties on things like softwood lumber or canadian wheat. Of course, a lot of our current account balance is due to a low dollar. But, while it's been extremely low in the last few years, is starting to climb against the old greenback.

I wonder how long it will takes things to stabilize? Hopefully the US economy comes back before ours starts to suffer.

Starting to climb? What is the starting point, the abyss?

I went travelling in January and the spread between the CND $ to US $ to Pound was the worst in over 30 yrs -- CND $ did not fair well against the Euro either.

I imagine that a months numbers or even a years # is no indication on substainable growth. The CND gov could be throwing dollars at the economy -- good in the short, very bad in the long.

Part of the job growth will undoubtedly be assumed by Premiere Campbell and the lowering of minimum wage to $6/hour. I heard a story a while ago on BCTV on how jobs for youth are growing healthily after the cut.

Actually the jobless rate in BC is pretty much unchanged (rose a bit actually) so Drunken Campbell can lie his way into saying he contributed to the growth.

Speaking of BC, if you have a few minutes you may want to spend them providing an on-line comment on BC's proposed "Working Forest"

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