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Okay... So I was wrong...

By smithdm3 - Posted on 05 March 2003

There is simply no way, no matter how cold it gets here in Ottawa, that the Leafs can win the cup this year. That is, unless they trade Darcy Tucker, Brad Boyes and Carlo Colaiacovo for Owen Nolan and Bryan Marchment... but that ain't gonna happen... at least in my opinion.

Well.. at least that is how I feel after watching last night's travesty. The Leafs must unload Tucker. Talk about irresponsible and just plain out of control. I thought they played a great game against Ottawa last night, til the second period anyway.
Why does this team insist on blaming things on the officiating? Why can't they simply skate to the box when they take a penalty? And why oh why do they still have Jyrki Lumme playing on the blueline!
Sometimes I just get so fed up with these boys... but I'll still cheer for them. Guys like Roberts, Belfour, Sundin, and McCauley still deserve to win.

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