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By smithdm3 - Posted on 01 March 2003

So today I went and had new tires put on my car... ... 'cause boy were the old ones balding! 75K kilometres of wear, sure doesn't seem like much when you look at tire adverts, but that's a factory product for you. :)

Anyway, I got my brother to put them on for me. For those who don't know, my brother is 3 years younger than me, married and apprenticing to become a mechanic. His job sure looks like a lot more fun than mine. He gets to use his hands, while I sit at a computer all day. And you know, when he becomes a mechanic he'll likely make more than me! (Okay... maybe not when I become a CEO... ;)

Anyways, I'm proud of him. He put the new tires on with such ease, you can tell he loves to do what he does. I probably don't tell him that I'm proud of him enough, but now I've told all of you. Maybe that'll help make up for it.

Thanks Brad!

- Dave

The only way to make up for not telling him enough that you're proud of him, is to tell him. No one can hear that enough - so tell him once, tell him often, but be sure to tell him soon!

You know, you're right. Have I told you that I'm proud of you lately? 'Cause I am. :)

Hey! I'm proud of him too... I think he's taking good care of my car while I'm gone... I think... did he burn the garage down???

I am proud of all three of you! I'm sure your Dad is looking down from heaven just beaming with pride! It is so nice to hear siblings saying nice things about and to each other. Can't wait to see you all - soon I hope!

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