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October 23rd

Labour Day Weekend Canoeing in Algonquin

Meg and I took a trip a few years back, right after my sister's wedding to Algonquin for a canoe trip. Canoe tripping is one of my favourite summer time activities, so I've been eager to do it again but Meg being in Bolivia and getting ready for our wedding meant we didn't really have a chance the last two years. This year presented an opportunity, and a couple of our friends Shoshanah and Thomas were interested in going (their first time) and they did the leg work of booking the permit for Labour Day Weekend and so we were all set.

October 22nd

A Week in Cornwall and a Wedding

Earlier this spring Meg and I received an invitation to her friend Robin's wedding. We were pretty impressed by the turn-around time between the proposal earlier this year and the wedding, I think there might have been 5 months between the two. Meg had actually stopped in to Bristol on her way back from Bangladesh on what turned out to be the day after Robin proposed to Helen, so we were kind of in on the ground floor.

A Summer and Fall of Weddings

Meg and I are at that age, an age where we've got a lot of friends and relatives getting married. This year might have been the peak when it comes to number of weddings that we'll be going to though with five separate weddings attended.

October 18th

Gotta Catch Up

Wow, it has been three months since my last post. I promise I'll catch up later this week. As a teaser, here are some things I'll blog about:

  • Weddings, weddings, weddings
  • Quick trip to the UK
  • Canoe trip in Algonquin
  • Starting my MBA (while working full time)
  • Biking in the County
  • Suffering through the Flu
  • First Anniversary
  • Midterms

I don't know that they'll all be individual postings, but that's a lot of stuff to cover.

July 27th

Catching up with the my Atlantic Side

IMG_1524This May (man I am still so far behind in this blogging thing this summer) Meg and I used up some Aeroplan points and flew out to Prince Edward Island for the long weekend. The trip was important for a couple of reasons, first and foremost, it gave Meg and I a chance to get out and see my grandparents who weren't able to make it our wedding in October. A close second was a chance to visit with the rest of my relatives who for various reasons weren't able to make it. Finally, it gave Meg and I chance to enjoy a long weekend away :)

July 6th

Off to Niagara on the Lake

I'm super behind on blogging, so I'm going to try to catch up on what I've been up to the last three months (that's almost how long it has been since my last post!).

April 15th

Newspapers, help yourselves...

The newspaper/journalism industry is in an upheaval with the ongoing steady erosion of advertising revenues (some of which are moving to the Internet) and the destruction of classified revenues which have all moved online (eBay, Craiglist, Kijiji, you name your own online classifieds provider).

Household Chores

Man, painting sucks. Meg and I spent our four day Easter weekend putting a "refresher" coat of paint on the rooms in our house. It is of course a tragic use of four days off in the row, but it will help our social lives this summer.


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