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Cheers to 2008 and Best of Luck in 2009

Just wanted to leave you all a "Happy New Year" message. 2008, while not the greatest of year's for the economy, or the world in general was a good year for myself and Meg. I welcomed Meg back to Ottawa after her volunteering experience with UNICEF in Boliva for most of calendar year 2007.

New Year's Eve Resolution Run

Well, in an effort to close off the year right, I took part in the local Running Room "Resolution Run" 5km this evening. Grant picked me up at a quarter to 6 and off we went to await the beginning of the challenge. Grant is a great runner, and so he moved up to the front, with the hopes of running a sub 22 minute 5k (this is with only maintenance running in the last little while, no specific training for this race). I hung back and awaited the gun.

December 2nd

Cuba - Land of Potential

As Meg has detailed in two posts, we recently went to Cuba for our honeymoon. She does a great job of detailing what we did and saw, but I thought I'd do a quick post just to lay out some of my thoughts about the country.

October 29th

Shared Item Notes in Google Reader as Comments

I was just thinking about 'sharing' items in Google Reader. You know, this could be even more powerful if when you shared an item, Google posted (this could be optional) the 'note' you share it with as a comment on the blog - maybe with a url to your shared items feed, or to your own website, etc.

This would require an open standard for commenting, but someone like Disqus could probably drive that approach as they plug into a number of platforms like Drupal and Wordpress already.

September 30th

Finally... A Do Not Call List

Canada's Do Not Call List in Action
So I was finally able to sign up for Canada's brand new 'Do Not Call List'. The list is administered by Bell, and takes nothing really to sign up. You simply enter your phone number and click submit. Not too much to do really.

September 28th

US Financial Bailout

The reporting on the potential $700 billion US bailout is driving me crazy. I suppose I can understand why people are upset when they think that there will be a direct federal transfer of money from the Treasury to banks, but really, that's not what should happen.

September 10th

Summer Redux: Where the Heck did it Go?

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. And for a couple days there I was on a roll, oh well.

In the spirit of Dana's post about what they've been up to over the summer, here is mine.

  • Wedding planning: I'm going to begin and end with this one, because well, this summer it's been pretty much ever present. Meg has certainly done most of the work, I've done what I can - albeit mostly slowly. Things are coming together, with less than a week left until the big day.

July 8th

Continuing to Get Wirelessly Hosed in Canada...

Well, it continues... as others have ranted, the new iPhone plans from Rogers are still horrendously overpriced for mobile data and features. But to top it off, I got my Bell Mobility bill last night and they're doing two things to screw me more...


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