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December 20th

Missing Hockey

Well, after just (and I mean just) finishing watching the first international exhibition game for the 2005 edition of the Canadian World Junior Hockey Chapionship team, I find myself realizing how much I miss good hockey. I went to an Ottawa 67s / Belleville Bulls game on Friday, and that was just like an appetizer compared to this. These next two weeks of hockey will be excellent... I'll be very sad again afterward, and I think my discontent with the NHLPA will only rise at that point.

-30 Celcius.... Now that's Cold!

Hmmm... Not much danger of the snow melting here in Ottawa before Christmas. Not when it's a chilly -30 out. Environment Canada says it's -43 with windchill here in the world's coldest capital city.

December 17th

Good Riddance To Vince Carter...

Not sure I like the players coming back in return, but they are probably due to the NBA's salary matching rules for trades. Good to see the two first rounders though. After Wednesday's game it is time for the CB4 (Chris Bosh) era.

December 15th

Right Back at You Strachan


Al Strachan of the Toronto Sun truly infuriates me. I'm not sure who gave this guy his business degree (and I don't know that he has one, but it certainly seems to me that he thinks he does), but it should be revoked. Once again I just finished reading an article by him that goes on to talk about the business of hockey - to which I'm fairly certainly he has even less of a clue about than I do.... and I've got nearly no clue.

Al, in reference to Gary Bettman - Commissioner of the NHL, states in this article: He repeatedly referred to the "enhanced product" that would be created if his salary-cap proposal were accepted, but failed to say how the same players who are playing now would somehow play for less money and enhance the product.Um... Al, I'm pretty sure that having a team of amazing players play against a team of farmhands wouldn't be a good product. When Gary talks about an enhanced product he's talking about an exciting game, not a 92-0 drubbing. By doing his best to achieve competitive balance by way of a cap on team spending on players he is attempting to improve the product. This cap on spending in turn should generate a more equitable distribution of talent in the league. This isn't the case in MLB, a league with a horrible luxury tax system. Ask Jays fans if having the same 'great' players in the MLB spread out to different teams instead of all huddled in New York or Boston wouldn't increase their enjoyment of the game.
You talk about the owners being dolts by not accepting a system other than a salary cap. I think you're a dolt if you think that a system that doesn't do an adequate job of making more teams competitive by way of spreading the talent around won't increase the entertainment value for the fans. Give fans the hope they might make the playoffs later into the season, then you've got your enhanced product.

December 10th

The Loss of a Hero, the Loss of a Friend

My friend Jen asked me to post this for her:Today marks a sad day for the nation - Captain Miles Selby, a pilot with the Canadian Armed Forces since 1991, and a two year veteran of the Snowbirds, died today in a training accident. Though I had only met him a couple of times he had always come across as a wonderful man, and having seen him fly on more than a couple of occasions, I knew he was a wonderful pilot. From what I've been told, Miles was not one to settle for second best - and by not settling he had made it to the top of his profession. I have been privileged to have seen a brief window into the Snowbirds team life thanks to my great friend Major Cory Blakely. I know that the loss to the team is like the loss of a family member. I hope that Captain Chuck Mallett, the Lead Solo who was injured in the crash makes a full recovery soon, and is able to return home to his family. I also hope he knows what a great pilot he is.
I know that you guys have been known to "google" your names, and have stumbled across this website before, so I hope you read this message and know my thoughts and prayers are with you now, as are those of all Canadians.I'm glad she wrote this, because I've been struggling with posting something on this since she let me know what had happened. My thoughts and prayers are with the team, and their families.

24% Rollback... Makes You Think

I'm not sure what the new CBA proposal from the players will make the owners think. I think I'm in agreement with most media types that have been commenting thus far though. This won't fix the ongoing issue of salary increases. Though the artibitration, rookie and qualifying offer moves should put a bit of a drag on the whole process. I think the luxury tax needs work though. Twenty cents on the dollar isn't the right starting amount, and neither is the $45 million threshold. The 24% rollback puts teams at an average salary level that Bettman wanted, $31 million. So maybe you put the luxury tax at $5 or 6 million above that. See, the tax has to do two things, it has to bite enough to not let the big teams horde too much talent, and it has to be at a level where some teams actually get close to it or go over so that there is some revenue sharing.

Should be interesting to see what the owners come back with on Tuesday though.

.... With Frickin' Lasers On Their Heads!

This is wild... talk about speculation. I mean, what kind of laser would a terrorist have that he could keep concentrated on a pilot's eye from probably kilometers away? (There must be some film they can put on the cockpit glass to reduce a lasers effects).


Yeah Broadband!

Woo hoo... after a little over a week of going without my DSL connection, the boys at Trytel finally got Bell to replace the linecard in my DSLAM restoring my ability to establish a PPPoE session!
To that I say... Ding Ding!


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