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December 30th

Last Day of 2003

Not great, but definitely not a bad year...

Here's to 2004

Last Day of 2003

Not great, but definitely not a bad year...

Here's to 2004

December 23rd

MLG not destined to become a place to buy Maple Syrup

Well, it would appear that Maple Leaf Gardens won't becoming a supermarket any time soon. Personllay, I always found the idea of being able to pick up bacon in the same place that Gretzky highsticked Gilmour, or eggs in the same place Potvin made a wicked save, to be a little distressing. So, I'm happy.

December 15th

4 on 4 Hockey... Argh!

Okay, four on four hockey is one of my largest pet peeves. I hear people praise four on four in NHL overtime all the time. "It's so much faster, so much better, the players have more room to use their offensive skills". Bullshit.

December 12th

Bye Bye Greg Marshall...

Wow, I'm actually somewhat stunned at how this caught me off guard, and how I find it somewhat disappointing. Greg Marshall, formerly (as of today) headcoach of the 4 time straight Yates Cup winning McMaster Marauders, is off to coach the Hamilton Ti-Cats.

December 9th

Softwood Lumber and other Protectionist Practices

Now, let's get it straight from the beginning... every country employs protectionist practises.... we in Canada are no angels. Things like our marketing boards for dairy products and eggs are prime examples. However, almost all countries subidize their agricultural industries to at least some extent, and this is what a marketing board and quotas essentially do. We are however increasingly opening markets and reducing government subsidies.

However, my rant here is about American protectionist practices (putting aside that we subsidize and protect industries too), primarily in forest products.

December 4th

Link Farming... I don't want to aid it...

I was stumbling through the (oh I hate this term) "blogosphere" today and came across a blog entry on "Smug Canadian" (I linked thru to there from Scoble) about Spam... anyway, that got me to thinking that while I've recently installed the MT-Blacklist ,by Jay Allen, plug-in to help prevent people using me to help them farm links (and therefor increase their Google PageRank, I hadn't done anything about people visiting my site to create entries in my refer log.

December 1st

Woman Trampled Attempting to Contribute to Walmart $1.5Billion in US Revenue

Read this article on woman who was trampled at Wal-Mart last Friday in an effort to buy a $29 (US) DVD player. My god... trampled?? At Wal-Mart?!?!

Anyway, the people trampling her contributed to Wal-mart making over $1.5 billion dollars in revenue in the US alone.... on Friday. Yes, that's right, one day. Scary.


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