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Another 10 Mile Run

By smithdm3 - Posted on 25 February 2006

Well, today's run went pretty well. I felt pretty comfortable for the entire run. In fact, I had planned on doing 3 or 4 pauses (at 2.5 or 2 miles each), but instead took only two. I paused at 3.3 miles and then once again at 7.5 miles. I ran the first 9 miles at 6 mph and then sped up to 6.5 for the final mile. All in all, not a bad run, I finished in just over 1:40. I couldn't tell the exact time, but probably something like 1:40:20. Not even close to Kev's blazing 92 minutes or something that he phoned and left me a message about. That's crazy. Way to go Kev!

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