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2007 Come and Gone...

By smithdm3 - Posted on 31 December 2007

Well, 2007 is nearly thru, and while it had its highlights, I think 2008 will be a much better year so I'm not upset about the passing of the year.

2007 started off with me wishing Meg a safe and happy journey on her year long trip to South America. She went to volunteer in La Paz, Bolivia for UNICEF for most of the calendar year. I knew at the time that I would miss her, but thankfully, with the rise of the Internet, staying in touch was not that much of a problem.

January and February saw me travelling to Las Vegas and San Diego for work. I was in a new role as a subject matter expert for a set of new service products that Nortel was selling.

The winter soon wore down, and spring began which led to me preparing for my journey to visit Meg in south America. I flew into La Paz where Meg met me early in the morning. From then on, she was on vacation and we toured around the La Paz area for a few days.

Since Meg was in South America, and would see a lot of Bolivia while she was there we decided to head next door to Peru and enjoy two or so weeks there. We traveled by bus from La Paz to Cusco stopping in Copacabana and Puno along the way. We saw some sights around Cusco and then set off to do the Inca Trail. The four day expedition was a highlight of the trip, and one of the neatest and most luxurious 'camping trips' I've ever done.

After a warm shower and a good night's sleep upon our return from the trail, we flew to Lima. We went straight from the Lima airport to a bus station where we caught a ride south down the coast to Ica. We used Ica as a base and went on a wine tour, visited the only true oasis in the Americas in Huacachina. We day tripped to Nazca for a flight over the famous Nazca Lines and then spent a couple of nights at a resort on the Pacific.

Coming back to North America was bittersweet, as I left Meg behind which was sad, but summer was on it's way and with it Ultimate and other fun activities. June flew by, and and in no time it was July. My manager and I came to an agreement that the new role I'd been placed in wasn't for me and so, I was offered a lay off package. I had a line on a couple of other career opportunities and so I jumped at it, leaving with me with some somewhat unexpected time off.

Having the time off during the summer was pretty nice, in July I visited Belleville and London for my friend Rick's wedding (to a beautiful bride in Shelley). Following that was Rob and Anna's wedding in August which was a wonderful time. One of the benefits of having the two months off that I did, was that my friend Kevin just happened to be on two months of parental leave during the very same time. We managed to make the best of the situation, hauling his son Liam around for a number of rounds of disc golf, in fact, getting in eight straight days at one point. Our games certainly improved with all the practice. I returned to Nortel a few days later in September, just before my actual layoff occured, in a new position evaluating and mentoring new strategic technologies.

October brought a visit from Meg who came home for a friend's wedding and to spend some quality time with me. We rented a cottage near Perth, and during our stay I proposed to her. We'll be married in early October 2008 (one of the reason's I'm eager for 2008) at her parent's church, followed by a reception at the Ottawa New Edinburgh Club's Boathouse. Also coming along, the day after we were engaged was my new niece Catriona. Born to my sister and her husband, she is simply the cutest and goes right into the niece slot of my current set of niece (Catriona) and nephew (Michael).

November and December were characterized by nothing notable until just before Christmas when Meg returned home. I picked her up in Montreal and not a day later we were off to Belleville to visit with my family for an evening before returning home to spend Christmas Eve and Day with her family. The holidays have been a relaxing time, reintegrating with Meg and beginning to consider the things we have ahead in 2008. A new car, a wedding, and a honeymoon all beckon to us from the new year.

Thanks for following along in 2007, and please accept my wishes for a happy, healthy and productive 2008 to all of you.


Happy New Year Dave! I too am looking forward to 2008. Perhaps I'll do better at keeping my blog up to date? Probably not. :)

Happy New Year Dave (& Meghan)!! Too bad having a new niece didn't make the highlights... just kidding, I know you love her!! We're all looking forward to celebrating your marriage (and Catriona's birthday) in October.

... it's right in there after our engagement. ;)

Thanks for the edit Uncle Dave!

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